Sunday, December 26, 2010

Always only you

I look into your eyes for a glimmer of recognition
Are you the one?
Your eyes smile
A promise of pleasure and pain
You belong to another as much as one can in this life
Innocent touches and glances but my heart sings to yours
My soul laid open
I invite you in because the pain of not having you is greater
Than the pain of losing you
Even for just one night to cherish
A joining of bodies and souls
Time here is so brief, so fleeting, so precious
Some small drop of love
for a thirsty soul withering on the vine like a forgotten rose
In your love I have found myself
And I promise always, only you


Words flow like blood from the open wounds of my soul
Washing away the pain
Body and soul empty
My heart stops beating
Offering a brief respite from life’s dark journey
In your presence I am reborn
An empty vessel to be filled by the beauty of your soul

Monday, June 28, 2010

Live in the moment

Life like photography rarely gives us a second chance.
If you miss that chance, that one perfect shot you're out of luck.
If you go back the next day or the next week the flower might be gone or faded and the lighting just isn't the same.
So live in that one perfect moment, embrace it. You might not get another one.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Sometimes it's like we are afraid to be happy and smile.
So we focus on the darkness.
If we constantly expect the worst we aren't disappointed when we find it.
Or does it find us, drawn to us by the negativity we send back to the universe.
If we never see the beauty, we won't miss it when it's gone.
If we never embrace the pleasure we become numb to the pain; thinking it's all we deserve.
If we don't expect and demand the good in life we won't be disappointed when we don't get it.
You deserve all the beauty and joy this life has to offer so don't settle for anything less!

Summer dying

I sit anxiously and wonder
Will I soon too go the way of summer and the wildflowers
Broken and spent all beauty and hope long lost
Crushed beneath life’s uncaring feet
Who will remember my beauty
when I have faded into the great blackness
I clutch the wildflowers in unsteady hands
and take their beauty into my soul
I too feel beaten
unable to stand myself back up
Ravaged by death’s harsh winters winds
I too will slumber beneath the snow
Floors squeak
Ghosts of the past rattle around in the darkness
Love...gone but not forgotten
lingers on my lips
like the sweet familiar taste of a lover

Friday, February 26, 2010


Silver sliver
beauty hangs in the night sky
guiding me home

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


A delicate flower
whose beauty enraptures us
drawing us into each silken layer
until we get too close
fragile souls caught on its sharp thorns
we struggle desperately to be free

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I stare into the masses
looking for my lover on his white steed
to take me far from the madness to sanctuary
he lays me down, gently
stealing my breath with fevered kisses
hungered flesh joins, moves as one
to possess and be possessed
I take him into the blue skies
and calm waters of my soul
he fills me with storm clouds and rain
we wait for life's renewal
with the coming of spring
two beings in harmony
one body, one soul, one dream

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love's delicate beauty

I lay myself open to you; vulnerable
I offer the beauty of my spirit; purity
My petals fall in your harsh winds; delicate
I stand alone and empty; dying

Friday, February 12, 2010

Loveless sea

One day you walked beside me
The next day I was free
Adrift on the endless ocean
A sailor lost at sea

No steady hands to guide me
As I face the violent storms
No light shines in the window
No harbor safe and warm

Alone I drift through time
Upon the loveless sea
A lost and lonely sailor
No heart to pine for me

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I sit now my hair streaked with gray prematurely from life’s battles fought.
I sit and mourn a life near lost and a love never found.
I sit in the darkness waiting; wondering if it will ever be.
Soon the lines will come from the laughter and the tears
and with their coming an innocence lost.
Chances of love become as scarce as a cool breeze
in that hot hellish place we all fear.
I feel empty but not incomplete when my son smiles.
His love fills all but the deepest places in my soul.
Time moves swiftly; not waiting for me.
If I don’t reach out, it will pass me by like an off duty cabbie in winter
leaving me stranded and cold.
I reach out to taste life but fear pulls me back
leaving me hungry for something I’ve never known.
A love great enough to fill an emptiness that runs
like a deep scare through my soul waiting to be healed.
The sun rises and sets.
The seasons change.
And still I sit, waiting.


Like hamsters on a wheel we run mindlessly, aimlessly not realizing there is no escape unless we stop.
With our blinders securely attached we fail to see what our future could be.
Unable to step off, fear keeps us running on the bland, vanilla path that is our lives.
We are unsure of what monsters await us in the darkness should we decide to leave the safety of the path we have chosen.


Why do the creative posses the need to touch and inspire our fellow human beings?
Our all consuming creative beast is fueled by conflict and chaos.
What is it about the beast that can take the pain and ugliness of our lives and turn it into something beautiful.
Is it worth the self imposed isolation that comes along with it?
We are castaways on our own little island. A sea of self doubt separating us from the rest of the world.
It is both a gift and a curse forcing us to forgo food and sleep to express our creative need even if that need drives us to madness or pushes us to our demise.
We strive to create beauty until our last breath.
We share our deepest, darkest pain and inspire great joy with our work.
We are our own toughest critic and our worst enemy keeping us in obscurity when we are bound for something greater.