Sunday, December 26, 2010

Always only you

I look into your eyes for a glimmer of recognition
Are you the one?
Your eyes smile
A promise of pleasure and pain
You belong to another as much as one can in this life
Innocent touches and glances but my heart sings to yours
My soul laid open
I invite you in because the pain of not having you is greater
Than the pain of losing you
Even for just one night to cherish
A joining of bodies and souls
Time here is so brief, so fleeting, so precious
Some small drop of love
for a thirsty soul withering on the vine like a forgotten rose
In your love I have found myself
And I promise always, only you


Words flow like blood from the open wounds of my soul
Washing away the pain
Body and soul empty
My heart stops beating
Offering a brief respite from life’s dark journey
In your presence I am reborn
An empty vessel to be filled by the beauty of your soul