Friday, February 24, 2012


Your arrow pierced my heart
Sweet words wrapped in barbed wire
Beautiful eyes, beautiful lies
Cut deeply into my soul
I bleed love 
Cracked and barren like the desert
Waiting for a storm to fill me
So I can bloom again
Vibrant and serene

Thursday, December 1, 2011


The setting sun frees mortal souls
And lover's dance in moonlight's glow
We meet where darkness joins the light
Passions echo in the night
We rest upon the dew-kissed ground 
One heart, one soul, forever bound

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Dreams shatter like glass
Brightly colored shards of
love, hope and happiness cut me
I bleed red and salty sweet tears
until I am empty

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Today the world was black
No brightly colored flowers could lighten
the darkness of my soul
No sweet words or gentle caress find me
I drift alone on the sea empty
Burned too many times
The hand can no longer reach out expecting
Held tightly too long, the heart no longer remembers loves beat
The body’s pleasure vanishes like early morning fog
Leaving the mind to only remember the pain
They clash like angry titans determined to win the battle of my soul
Self imposed isolation has become a room with no door
No windows to shine bright light and warmth upon me
There is nothing in this room no life, no hope
Today I realize there is no escape.
Today the world was black


"You shouldn't feel sick all the time," My sister chirps like an obnoxious parrot taught a new phrase.
'That's why they call it a disease," I state in my defense. "If it was pleasant everyone would want to have one."
We are only part-blood sisters. Some important, precious element that makes up the blood is missing. Which one, I do not know but if I did I'd find it and inject it into our blood, our lives so we could be the same. It's more than different fathers that twists and separates our DNA.
I have too many in my part-blood family, some I haven't seen since childhood, though I hope they know they are loved and always in my heart.
Indifference and coldness blows through my family like a harsh winter wind. There are no happy family gatherings where lives and gossip are shared. There is only you and me, no us.
When death reached out it's hand to me I said 'yes'. I searched my soul and found no love or warmth so I took his hand because at least it wanted me.
I hear in that other place you are bathed in love like a warm soothing bath. The pain seeps from your soul and you watch it swirl around and around the drain until it's gone. But my sister angrily pulled me back to this place of pain and isolation. There is no gratitude from me only tears for a peace lost.
I sit every day and wonder about this part-blood condition I don't understand.
Maybe that's why I embrace the non-bloods so tightly in hopes of creating the family I don't have. I know it'll never work because there is something in the DNA that binds us. It shows death the door or stops your St. Bernard from killing you when you were a kid.
It had no doubt been done to avoid explaining to an angry mother if they had failed or was it done out of guilt for years of childhood teasing and torture. I just wished it had been done out of love not DNA.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Ex

Consumed by your fire
The ashes of my love drift down
Leaving a bitter taste in my mouth
Red hot
They burn my flesh scar my soul
Tears fall
Like warm raindrops
washing away a love cold and spent
My heart sleeps safe wrapped in ice
Waiting to be awakened by another’s fiery touch

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Always only you

I look into your eyes for a glimmer of recognition
Are you the one?
Your eyes smile
A promise of pleasure and pain
You belong to another as much as one can in this life
Innocent touches and glances but my heart sings to yours
My soul laid open
I invite you in because the pain of not having you is greater
Than the pain of losing you
Even for just one night to cherish
A joining of bodies and souls
Time here is so brief, so fleeting, so precious
Some small drop of love
for a thirsty soul withering on the vine like a forgotten rose
In your love I have found myself
And I promise always, only you