Thursday, February 17, 2011


Today the world was black
No brightly colored flowers could lighten
the darkness of my soul
No sweet words or gentle caress find me
I drift alone on the sea empty
Burned too many times
The hand can no longer reach out expecting
Held tightly too long, the heart no longer remembers loves beat
The body’s pleasure vanishes like early morning fog
Leaving the mind to only remember the pain
They clash like angry titans determined to win the battle of my soul
Self imposed isolation has become a room with no door
No windows to shine bright light and warmth upon me
There is nothing in this room no life, no hope
Today I realize there is no escape.
Today the world was black


  1. so sad that your world was black.Great imagery in this poem

  2. Your focus is wildly good creating a little
    world of doom.