Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I sit now my hair streaked with gray prematurely from life’s battles fought.
I sit and mourn a life near lost and a love never found.
I sit in the darkness waiting; wondering if it will ever be.
Soon the lines will come from the laughter and the tears
and with their coming an innocence lost.
Chances of love become as scarce as a cool breeze
in that hot hellish place we all fear.
I feel empty but not incomplete when my son smiles.
His love fills all but the deepest places in my soul.
Time moves swiftly; not waiting for me.
If I don’t reach out, it will pass me by like an off duty cabbie in winter
leaving me stranded and cold.
I reach out to taste life but fear pulls me back
leaving me hungry for something I’ve never known.
A love great enough to fill an emptiness that runs
like a deep scare through my soul waiting to be healed.
The sun rises and sets.
The seasons change.
And still I sit, waiting.

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